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Upendo School

& Children's Home


Upendo School and Children’s Home (also known as Upendo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre) is an NGO Certified orphanage and school located in the rural Murang’a East district in Kenya’s Central Province.

Upendo, founded by Eunice Komotho in 1997, began as an organization that provided local needy children with food, clothing, medication, education as well as counseling.  In 2002, Upendo expanded its scope and began an orphanage for seven young girls. These seven young children ranged in age from eight months to three years old and were cared for by a house mother, assistant and a night guard. With the help of the local community, the Upendo Children’s Home was built and consisted of a dormitory and a kitchen.

Present Day at Upendo


Since 2002, six classrooms have been constructed in addition to volunteer quarters and a water tank. Upendo educates more than 200 primary students each year. In addition, 39 of the children at Upendo have graduated primary school and have attended secondary school.  As of 2023, 16 of the Upendo students have graduated from college or University! 

Upendo '02 Cafeteria

In 2023, EACH partnered with the Kiriti Women's group, a local community organization, to create a restaurant entrepreneurship program for our recent college graduates. The Kiriti Women's group provided the location for the restaurant, funded renovations to the space and raised half of the necessary start-up costs to fund licensing, equipment, furniture and the first three months of operating expense.  EACH raised the other half of the funds to give these girls a jump start on their careers.  


The Upendo Cafeteria entrepreneurship program in the center of downtown Murang'a, gives recent EACH college graduates real life management, supply chain and food service experience while also allowing them to earn an income. The Upendo ‘02 Cafeteria opened in August 2023 with a successful grand opening and first few months!  The cafeteria is giving the EACH sponsored college graduates much needed skills development needed to forge their way in the world post-graduation.  With the support of their mentor and EACH in-country coordinator, Joan Omini, these young women independently manage the restaurant including procurement, management, finances, marketing, cooking and customer service. Since opening, the cafeteria has employed and trained six Upendo graduates, three who have already advanced to other jobs.  

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