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Host a Fundraiser

It’s easy to host an event to support EACH Kids. We’re here to help too. Just contact us and let us know the below info and we’ll get you started.


STEP 1: Decide the type of fundraiser

There are a number of ways you can help EACH Kids!

  • Birthday fundraiser (donations instead of gifts)

  • Wedding fundraiser (donations instead of wedding favor, or register for donations instead of gifts)

  • Virtual Race fundraiser (run or host a virtual 5k, 10k)

  • Raffle/Auction fundraiser (raffle/auction off something you made or something you can do for others)

  • Lemonade/Cookie Sale

  • Or something else wonderful to help the EACH children!

STEP 2:  Start your campaign with a Gofundme Site


It's easy to set up a Gofundme Campaign to receive donations. You can set your page here and any donations will automatically be sent to us once your fundraiser is over. Let us know if you need help and we can provide you with pictures of EACH Kids and information about what their generous donations will go towards.


Don't want to create a Gofundme? No problem! You can donate to us in other ways such as Venmo, check, cash, etc.

STEP 3:  Set a target end date for your fundraiser

The "end" date of your fundraiser will be the day of your event. For example, you'll want to set the target date as the date of your birthday, raffle, virtual race, etc.  We usually allow donations through our GoFundMe Campaign past the "target" date of our fundraiser in case our supporters forget to donate prior to the event. 

STEP 4:  Determine your audience & advertise

Determining your audience will allow you to best advertise your event. Is your audience your friends and family attending your wedding? Friends on Facebook? Co-workers or your local community? If you're seeking donations instead of gifts, we can help you develop catchy language to send out to your wedding or birthday guests as well as pictures so your guests can see what their "gifts" will purchase. You know your audience the best so we're happy to provide you with all the information you need to publicize!


We've found the best ways to get the word out are:

  • Personalized emails 

  • Creating Facebook events and inviting friends

  • Flyers if holding event in local community (bake sale)

STEP 5:  Let the good times roll

You're done! Let the good times roll and watch donations come in from your thoughtful friends and family. Your friends and family may have questions about our organization or the work we do so just let us know how we can support your campaign. We're always here to help.

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