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Good Hope Initiative


Good Hope Initiative was founded by Director, Deo Kagimu in 2006 and serves as a community based NGO Certified organization that supports the needs of several families and hundreds of children.

Good Hope currently cares for over 150 orphans and runs a primary school for over 600 local children. The mission of Good Hope Initiative is to empower rural, marginalized and disadvantaged people in the local community. The goal of Good Hope is to enable the population to empower the children and community through education. This bottom up process will aid the community in ending the cycle of poverty in the village.

Present Day at Good Hope


Good Hope focuses on providing educational opportunities for the community. EACH is committed to helping continue expanding their primary school while also providing secondary school opportunities (and beyond!) for Good Hope primary school graduates.  

In 2021, Good Hope had 15 secondary school students graduate! These “Pioneers” were the first to graduate Good Hope’s primary school and were the first students to participate in Good Hope’s “Sponsor a Student” program. These young minds provide a stunning example to their peers.

Today, these 15 students have completed their Advanced Certificates of Education which is their final 2 years of high school, and 14 of the students are currently enrolled at Kampala University pursuing degree courses!

Recent Infrastructure Initiatives
Bio-Gas Toilets

In spring 2023, Good Hope began construction on biogas toilets. The biogas toilets convert waste into biogas (a clean cooking fuel) and produce a nutrient-rich bio-slurry that can be used to fertilize agriculture fields. Using the biogas cooking fuel reduces the need to purchase other fuels and eliminates harmful indoor smoke from cooking with wood or charcoal. This infrastructure project not only benefited the kids who desperately needed a new place to use the bathroom but also benefited everyone who cooks for the students. The biogas toilet also saves money to be used for other operating costs at Good Hope. This biogas initiative will serve our school for years to come and we thank our donors for their generosity in supporting it.

Let there be light

EACH was able to bring something to Good Hope that we never thought possible - electricity! Electricity is out of reach for most rural Ugandans.  Prior to this year, Good Hope was a part of the 64% of communities in rural Uganda who did not have access to electricity. In early fall 2023, the rural Uganda Electrification project brought electricity to Mubende, the nearest town to Good Hope.  At that point it was up to EACH to fund the last few miles of electrification to bring electricity to the school and community center.   EACH donors generously answered our call to support this important infrastructure initiative. The students no longer need to worry about cloudy days, their classrooms being too dark or not being able to study  at night because the students now have lights.  Good Hope is now in the planning and feasibility phase for bringing technology, such as a computer lab, to ensure the students at Good Hope can be on par with their peers around the world.

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