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Spring 2019 I

Have you completed your bracket yet???

EACH is hosting a March Madness Tourney! It's a 50/50 pool, with half of the prize money going to the winner (and two smaller portions going to the 2nd and 3rd place winners). The other half will be donated to East Africa Children's Hope. The donations from this years pool will go toward secondary school sponsorships for Good Hope Initiative students in Uganda.

To enter, sign up here and make a $20 donation to EACH before the games begin on March 21, 2019.

So many 2018 Accomplishments, thanks to our generous donors!

2018 was another great year for EACH! The children are thriving at GHI, and the primary school students are ranked 1st in their sub-county and 2nd in the entire county! With the support of our donors, were able to support dozens of students in secondary school and hundreds of students in primary school. We were also able to build more permanent classrooms at GHI to allow the students to learn in a safe and clean environment.

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