Each child deserves a chance

Our Mission:

Education + Sustainability


Our goal is to that ensure each child is provided a clean, safe and quiet learning environment. Classrooms give students the chance to concentrate on their future.

Provide Scholarships

Quality educational opportunities for students not only benefits the individual student, but also benefits their family, as they are able to earn an income and provide a stable livelihood. That’s the power of your donation.  


By funding critical projects like water tanks and cattle farms, we are setting our sites up for income generating projects to fund a portion of operating expenses for our facilities. 

+ Careers

Our mentorship program provides skills needed to navigate difficult life choices. Career guidance coupled with ongoing education sets our students up for success. 


Our Partners



Also known as Upendo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre, this is an NGO Certified orphanage and school located in the rural Murang’a East district in Kenya’s Central Province.


The mission of Good Hope Initiative is to empower rural, marginalized and disadvantaged people in the local community. The goal of Good Hope is to enable the population to empower the children and community through education.

Become a sponsor to a deserving student

You could provide essential resources to a student in need for just a few dollars a day.

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Read up on the latest with EACH and the people who support our mission.

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